Buying - How to Test Drive a Car

When purchasing a car it is essential that you test drive, lets face it why would you purchase a product that your not sure entirely works correctly. Test driving a car is a key part of the steps that need to be taken when purchasing a car. When test driving a car there a certain area's that you should pay particular attention to, these include:

The space within the car, you need to consider what and who will be in the car and if there is enough room for everyone, also looking at the size of the boot and the amount of storage space within the vehicle should be taken into consideration. Take your time when looking at these different aspects within a car The comfort of the car, this needs to be taken seriously! How can you tell if the car will be suitable for you after just a quick three minute sit in the car, taking it for a test drive it will allow you to get more feel for it and will enable you to see if you can sit comfortably for a car journey.

Finally if you have more than one car that you have in your selection process you should test drive them within a short space of time between each. This is so that you are able to have a clearer idea of which car is best suited to your lifestyle.


If possible try and test drive a car during the week as the roads tend to be quieter during the week also if you are purchasing a car off a dealership they will be able to spend more time out in the car (dealerships busiest times are usually weekends). Having more time in a car will make the decision to whether the car is the RIGHT one FOR YOU!

Also when taking the car out dont just drive around the block, taking it further afield will allow you to see how the car handles on a number of different roads!

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