Buying - Used Car Precautions

When purchasing a used car either privately or from a dealer you need to ensure its up to the standard at which its advertised at. Be cautious when going to look at a used car you need to be certain that everything is above board.

When going to look at used cars from a dealership you can be less cautious as they will tend to have the car's history and will be able to answer any queries that you may have about the car, also a benefit of getting a used car from a dealer is that they will often put a up to a three month warranty on the car so if anything does go wrong with it you are able to go back to them with the problem.

When looking at cars sold privately you need to be a little more cautious. A number of things that you should try and do and be aware of when going to view a privately owned car includes:

If possible arrange to meet the current owner at their house, this is so you can be a little more certain that the car is not stolen Ask to see the full cars history and make sure that you are actually speaking to the registered owner of the car, pay special attention to any garages that work has been carried out at and ask to see any invoices that can prove that the work has actually been done if you are uncertain that the work has actually been done.

If you want to be extra careful then paying for a vehicle check on the potential car that you are thinking of purchasing will clear any worries about the car being stolen or on finance or if it has been written off. When purchasing a car from a private seller it is stongly advised that a vehicle check is done.

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