Buying - Completing the payment for your car

When you have found a suitable car and you are sure that its the right car, you will probably be asked to leave a deposit (if you are purchasing the car from a dealer). This is so that the car can be removed from sale! REMEMBER if you decide that you do not want this car or you have found another car you will loose the deposit you have placed upon the initial car the deposit was placed upon.

A deposit for a car can be as little as 100 but as much as a 1000 for a newer cars! The amount you pay for a deposit usually depends upon the dealer and how big the garage is. When paying a deposit it is essential that you get a receipt for the amount which you pay, having a receipt allows you to have documentation that you have started the process of purchasing the car!

Once the deposit has been made and you carry out the full purchase of the car the amount you have paid for the deposit will be taken off the final price of the car!

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