Buying - Completing all the relevant paper work for your car

It is ESSENTIAL that all the paper work for the car in which your purchasing is up to date and relevant. Here are a few key things in which you should check when purchasing a car.

Ensure that the V5C registration document has the right registration date and make sure it specifies the number of owners that the car has had

It is essential that the car come with a service history book, this is so that you can see what essential work has been carried out on the car

Check how long it is before the car has its next MoT and when the tax is next due

Finally ensure that you have a receipt for the car which includes the total price of what you have paid for the car showing that the total balance for the car has been paid in full or if you are opting for a finance package from the dealer ensure that all paper work is read through and considered before anything is signed.

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